monteforte irpino

Where we are

Where we are: the territorial hilly is complex and characterized by imposing massifs, from the almost alpine profile. Is close to the pace of Monteforte, separating the agro Nolan from Conca Avellinese, on the slopes of Mount Pizzone and the left of the stream Fenestrelle, right tributary of the river Sabato. These mountains together with Terminio and Cervialto are the real stars of the Irpinia skyline. Due to their shape are strategically important for the water supply of much of southern Italy. It is, in fact, a massive limestone surrounded by clay formations: so they work like sponges that filter and store water of heavy rainfall, give again through countless springs and streams. In this area have their catchment basins two major aqueducts of the South: that the High Heat and, above all, the Apulian that, with its 19 600 km of water supply and more than 4 million users, is considered the first aqueduct d ‘Europe.